Spicy Enough Tahini Dip

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This whirlwind-of-flavor dip strikes the perfect balance between spicy, sweet, smoky, nutty, and tangy. The combination of sriracha, creamy and nutty tahini, all-natural coconut nectar and spices create a dip that is full of flavor without being too spicy. 

*IMPORTANT Note on delivery- because we don't use preservatives, at this time this product can be picked up at our farmers market booth or be hand-delivered within the Los Angeles city area. Please email info@sesamaise.com with questions about delivery location and times.

Ingredients: tahini, water, organic pure lemon juice, organic garlic, hot sauce (organic chili peppers, garlic, sea salt, cane sugar, rice vinegar), coconut nectar, organic spices (cumin, citric acid, smoked paprika, cayenne), salt
Net Weight: 8 ounces