Creamy Pesto Dip & Spread

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Totally unique blend of fresh basil pesto with our signature nutty creaminess makes this a dairy-free creamy pesto dip & spread! Pro-tip: whisk in some olive oil for a killer pasta salad dressing.

*IMPORTANT* WE DO NOT SHIP THIS PRODUCT! Because of our commitment to REAL FOOD, we don't use preservatives, so this product can only be picked up at our farmers market booth or be delivered by Postmates in the Los Angeles city area. When checking out, choose the Pick-up location.

Ingredients: Ingredients: tahini, water, organic pure lemon juice, pesto (basil, olive oil, roasted fresh garlic, walnuts, lemon juice, sea salt and fresh black pepper), organic garlic, salt, organic cumin, organic citric acid
Net Weight: 8 ounces