Real Food

Sesamaise Tahini uses only real, pronounceable, nutritious ingredients to deliciously and easily power you through a busy day

Tahini. You've heard of it, but what is it exactly?

Hint: ingredient #2 in hummus and what makes it delicious.

Middle Easterners have been roasting and grinding the powerful sesame seed for centuries, using tahini to make a delicious, creamy, nutty and good-for-you sauce that is even more ubiquitous on their table than hummus.


Why Eat Sesamaise Tahini?

  1. A delicious, nutritious and easy way to fuel up on “real food” for your busy day (no weird, unpronounceable ingredients)
  2. Vegan and grain-free source of calcium, protein & good fats
  3. Feel good while you snack by transforming your precious dollars and time into meaningful change (more on that here)

What are Sesamaise Tahini Snacks?

Sesamaise sources authentically-crafted, high quality tahini from Israeli & Palestinian family businesses and transforms it into nutrient-packed, plant-based snacks that fuel your mind, body and soul:

Sesamaise Tahini Dips are modern twists on the classic Middle Eastern sauce and come in 6 flavors for the perfect snack or meal! 

Tangy Original
Spicy Enough
Creamy Pesto
Caramelized Onion
Spinach Artichoke
Sweet Potato
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Sesamaise Tahini Chocolate Truffles are bite-sized desserts that are a cross between a chocolate truffle and chocolate peanut butter fudge. Satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt! 

Dark Chocolate

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Sesamaise Tahini Oat Power bars are a meal in your pocket! Made of only 6-8 real ingredients, yet packed with good fats, carbs and protein to fuel you through a busy day.


Dark Chocolate

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    Sesame seeds


    Sesame seeds may be small, but they sure are powerful:

    • Jam-packed with fiber, protein, & good fats,
    • Great source of vitamins & minerals (calcium, B vitamins, magnesium, iron and copper) 
    • Promote overall health, help prevent disease & improve existing conditions (ie. lower bad cholesterol and high blood pressure)