Our Story

How It All Began

I was the youngest one sitting around that conference table of veteran Israeli and Palestinian peace-builders brainstorming the next phase of a project. I was excited to discuss an outside-of-the-box, next gen idea to the peace NGO veterans – bringing social entrepreneurship to Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding. It was the ultimate win-win: incentivize relationship-building and problem-solving among new, community-centered, previously-unreachable communities by increasing family business' access to markets and financial bottom-lines- a model that uses market forces to organically scale. No brainer, right? The older generation in the room shut it down without so much as a discussion.

10 years after I first devoted my career and life to my passion- Israeli-Palestinian peace- just when I thought I had finally arrived, I realized that conference room was not the place peace would be built. For all of the good intentions in that room, the way things have been done wasn’t working and they weren’t going to be the ones to change it.

And so Sesamaise Tahini was born.  

We envision a world where businesses empower the well-being of their clients, partners & employees & positively change their communities & ecosystems.

We are committed to one small piece of that: Israeli-Palestinian well-being, and one day, peace.


Our Values

  1. Business provides the vehicle for creating meaningful, scalable and sustainable solutions to the world’s most intractable challenges
  2. The beauty and simplicity of supply and demand means that one person has the power to make real change
  3. All people, no matter their age, background, religion, political beliefs, gender, or sexuality deserve equal respect, dignity and opportunity
  4. People over profits and politics
  5. Cooperation and collaboration over conflict and competition
  6. Expanding-the-pie solutions via creativity, communication, innovation and technology (zero-sum problems are a matter of perception)
  7. Many bottom-lines (yes, you’re food should be delicious and good for you, and yes, companies can make money, and support communities and peace!)
  8. Support the health and wellness of our supporters, customers and teammates
  9. Only use real food with ingredients you can pronounce
  10. Nothing brings people together quite like food

Founder: Cecilia Sibony

  • Relentless challenger of the status quo- Just because things are done in a certain way, doesn’t mean that's the way they should continue to be done
  • Next-gen community-and peace-builder- Empower movements that use collaboration, creativity and market demand to transform global challenges
  • Foodie obsessed with using food and business interests to connect people for expanding-the-pie problem-solving and game-changing

Contact me at info@sesamaise.com or (732) 547-5120 

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Karwan Tahini

Karawan- For generations the Tamam family has been grinding tahini in the traditional method of their ancestors in their hometown of Nablus, the unofficial tahini capital of Palestine.


Halva Kingdom

Halva Kingdom- The Mamman family has been grinding sesame seeds into tahini paste in the vibrant Yehuda Market in Jerusalem since they emigrated from Morocco to Israel.