The Sesamaise Story

There are plenty of things that Israelis and Palestinians argue about, but one thing is indisputable by both sides: that tahini – or tahina as they both call it – should be on the table at just about every meal.  It was the desire to share their love for tahini with the rest of the world that inspired Sesamaise Tahini: Real Food for Real Change.  

It might sound a bit far-fetched to think that tahini snacks can help bring positive change to the people of the Middle East, but after years as a conflict-resolution specialist with Israelis and Palestinians, I thought it was time for a different approach. That’s why I created Sesamaise - a new model for change based on simple economics.

Sesamaise sources our tahini, or sesame paste, from both Israeli and Palestinian family businesses. As demand outgrows supply, both sides will have to come to the table to find sustainable ways to work together. Every time YOU take a bite of Sesamaise Tahini Snacks, you are creating business and social opportunities for families on both sides of the conflict – the kind of opportunities that can one day lead to peace.

Sometimes real change can be just that simple.

Cecilia Sibony

Our Values

  • Business provides the vehicle for creating meaningful, scalable and sustainable solutions to the world’s most intractable challenges
  • The beauty and simplicity of supply and demand means that one person has the power to make real change
  • All people, no matter their age, background, religion, political beliefs, gender, or sexuality deserve equal respect, dignity and opportunity
  • People over profits and politics
  • Cooperation and collaboration over conflict and competition
  • Expanding-the-pie solutions via creativity, communication, innovation and technology (zero-sum problems are a matter of perception)
  • Many bottom-lines (yes, your food should be delicious and good for you, and yes, companies can make money, and support communities and peace!)
  • Support the health and wellness of our supporters, customers and teammates
  • Only use real food with ingredients you can pronounce
  • Nothing brings people together quite like food

    Our Founder: Cecilia Sibony

    • Relentless challenger of the status quo- Just because things are done in a certain way, doesn’t mean that's the way they should continue to be done
    • Next-gen community-and peace-builder- Empower movements that use collaboration, creativity and market demand to transform global challenges
    • Foodie obsessed with using food and business interests to connect people for expanding-the-pie problem-solving and game-changing

    Contact me at or (732) 547-5120 

    Our Partners:

    Israeli and Palestinian family businesses, who have been making some of the most authentic, highest quality and tastiest tahini and supporting their communities with economic opportunities for generations. Due to the sensitive nature of the conflict, we are committed to their well-being by protecting their anonymity.