Game of Thrones Themed Tahini Dinner

Love Game of Thrones- and food- as Much as We Do?

These healthy, plant-based, whole food, tahini-centric dishes put us in the mood for this week's GoT episode for our weekly screening with friends. Geeks, I know, but the results were delicious and hilarious!

1. Deviled Dragon Eggs- inspired by the 3 colors of dragon eggs from Season 1, we used our 3 flavors of Tahini Dips to make creamy and flavor the deviled egg filling- one spicy, one pesto, one regular (with mustard added.)

2. Drogon's Breath Salsa- beautiful multi-colored cherry tomatoes from the farmers market went into this salsa that reminds of Drogon's fire-y breath


3. The Hound's Chicken Worth Dying For- Stuffed boneless skinless chicken thighs with veggies and ricotta 

4. Cersei's Hair on Wildfire- spiralized yellow zucchini make Cersei's long wavy hair, before her tiff with the High Septon. It's tossed in our Creamy Pesto Tahini and topped with Wildfire schug (Yemenite spicy salsa.)

How do you celebrate GoT season?


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