9 Ways to Use Tahini That You Didn’t Know

9 Ways to Use Tahini That You Didn’t Know

Common knowledge is that tahini is an ingredient in hummus, but what are some other ways we can use this multi-use, versatile, staple ingredient? When mixed with liquid, tahini has a smooth, creamy texture with mild flavors that makes it the perfect addition to numerous sweet and savory dishes, AND it add a nutritious element!

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Here are some creative ways to use the versatile tahini with recipes, you can try on your own:

  1. Dressing: Dressings usually make most salads heavy with unnecessary calories, but a tahini dressing in any salad or slaw can create a perfect addition. Add tahini in dressings that usually call for mayonnaise or ranch. For an easy recipe combine ½ cup tahini (such as our Sesamaise Tahini Tangy Original) with ½ cup olive oil and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. If you want a lighter dressing, use less olive oil and add some water. If you are feeling adventurous, here’s a turmeric-tahini dressing with some other recipes that include buckwheat stuffed peppers w/ tahini dressing and roasted fennel beet salad w/ tahini herb sauce.

  2. Smoothie: The fastest way to create a meal is to throw ingredients in a blender and have the option to drink it on the go or in your home. Tahini is a great add-on to smoothies or smoothie bowls which can be used in breakfast or afternoon snacks. There are many to choose from, such as a banana tahini smoothie, tahini date smoothie bowl or a date, tahini, & cardamom smoothie.

  3. Baked Goods: Using tahini in sweet baked goods is not something most people know about, but the sesame seeds in tahini create a nutty, earthy flavor. It’s almost like the Middle Eastern version of peanut butter. If you are not keen to baking, we do create our own plant-based tahini chocolate fudge, or improve your baking skills with these recipes: chocolate tahini brownies, raw tahini date fudge, and tahini cookies.

  4. Proteins/Vegetables: Tahini makes a perfect base for marinating lamb, beef, tofu, salmon, or vegetables. If you like your dishes on the spicy side, adding our Sesamaise Tahini Spicy Enough Tahini will give you an extra kick. Some recipes with tahini infused in proteins/vegetables include: tahini-crusted cauliflower, lamb w/ spinach & garlic tahini sauce and grilled tahini glazed salmon.

  5. Soup: Tahini in soups can be used as a thickener, for a healthier alternative to flour and butter. Some tahini based soups are: creamy broccoli tahini soup, miso-tahini squash soup and carrot-tahini soup.
  7. Milk: Why drink normal cow’s milk when there’s oat, coconut, or soy? If you are going for the non-dairy route or are simply tired of drinking your usual milk, here’s a recipe to create tahini milk and if you want something sweeter try tahini milk and honey.

  8. Snacks: Whenever you’re on the hunt for a new snack, try these recipes for an avocado-tahini toast or for something sweeter with coconut cacao tahini bites or tahini-tella (tahini version of Nutella!!).

  9. Breakfast: Tahini doesn’t have to be eaten later on the day! Use these recipes in the morning by throwing some chocolate tahini granola over yogurt or drizzle some chocolate tahini fondue over fruit. If you want to play it safe, there’s also tahini apple oatmeal.

  10. Bread: Last, but certainly not least, tahini can be used to create breads, with the subtle notes providing extra added flavor. If you don't have time, we create our own grain-free tahini bread, or try these variations: pumpkin tahini bread, chocolate-tahini banana bread or honeyed apple tahini bread.

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