#TahiniTogether Week 4 Update

Week 4

And we’re back! Another week down, and that much closer to our goal! As always we want to thank all of our new backers! You’re helping to start the conversations that will bring the Middle East to peace!

On Thursday, Ceci had the opportunity to join Knit Marketing, for a “Female Founders” webinar! She gave viewers insight on things to avoid as an entrepreneur, good habits to have, and obstacles she faced along the way. She recounted her journey from inception of the idea to the hurdles she had to leap over to be able to be where she is now. It was a great dialogue that anyone even remotely interested in entrepreneurship would benefit from. If you missed it, the entire conversation was saved and uploaded to YouTube. You can view the video here!

On Saturday, Ceci put her peacebuilding skills to work. We were grateful to “If Not Now LA” for hosting the “Hard Conversations” workshop, where Ceci lead a workshop in peacebuilding. Participants learned a lot about themselves, others, practicing empathy, and understanding. We hope everyone was able to take away skills that they’d be able to use in their everyday lives moving forward!

We’ve continued our tasting parties by partnering with OneTable at last week's Nosh:pitality event and their weekly Shabbat dinners on Friday. Ceci wrote a guest blog on their site talking a little more about our partnership. Read more here.

Devyn Howard of @diningwithdevyn and her foodie friends, who are all vegan influencers joined us for another #TahiniTogether tasting party. In between tasting and taking fancy food photos, they dived in deep with the questions, discussing all sorts of things, from why tahini is so great for a vegan diet to why exactly is there conflict in the Middle East?

We hosted a #TahiniTogether happy hour at Cross Campus, South Bay on Tuesday and we’ll be hosting the last tasting party / happy hour at Cross Campus Pasadena, so if you’re in the area, be sure to stop by! Guests were able to taste tahini, (some for the very first time) and learn what Sesamaise Tahini is all about, and how we strive toward peace in the Middle East. Thanks Cross Campus for having us!

See our Featured Stories on our Instagram to see a recap of all our our tasting parties throughout the month! 

Next up:

Ceci was interviewed and will be featured on Tablet Magazine and it will be live on Wednesday, March 21. We’ll post a link on social media as soon as that goes live, so make sure to look for that.

Friday, March 23rd is the end of the #TahiniTogether crowdfunding campaign, so make sure to get in any orders for your tahini and experiences this week!


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