#TahiniTogether Week 3 Update

Week 3 Update

Whoop Whoop! We’re chugging right along in our crowdfunding campaign. Week 3 was another week of successes all around. We’re up to 20% of our goal. Like always we’d like to start by humbly thanking all of our backers, everyone who’s shared the campaign and talked about our mission, as well as everyone who’s participated in our events. You can eat tahini alone, but it’s always better to TahiniTogether!

We started the week off with an exciting event hosted by the LA Kitchen! The Power of Food event: “Seed to Plate: Middle Easterners Talk Tahini” was a huge success! Ala Tamam from Karawan Tahini educated attendees about the process of making tahini and its history and Chef Amelia Saltsman shared a few delicious ways to use tahini in everyday foods.

On Monday, two powerhouses joined forces for an entertaining and educational live cooking show. Ceci teamed up with Lisa Torres of Delicious Table for a conversation about tahini that was live streamed across our social media! We had a great time talking tahini with Lisa, and joking about eating tahini to fit into a bikini! The chemistry was great and the food was even better! If you missed it don’t worry you can watch it here.

Next Up:

Wednesday, March 14th: OneTable and Sesamaise present a #TahiniTogether Nosh:pitality event. Join us in West Hollywood to learn all the ways to use tahini/tahina for a Shabbat dinner. Click here to sign up. 

Thursday, March 15th: Starting and running a business may seem glamorous, but it’s a lot of work. Ceci will be teaming up with Knit Marketing for this month’s Get Stuff Done Webinar: The Secrets of Being a Female Founder. Join us as Ceci answers questions and takes us on the journey of her having an idea for Sesamaise to actually launching the tasty food company!

Friday, March 16th: We hope you’re ready to sweat! Sesamaise is getting active at a local CrossFit gym! She’ll be providing healthy snacks for their yearly tournament qualifier and talking about different ways to use tahini in a protein heavy diet.

Monday, March 19th: Ceci will be talking about her entrepreneurial journey to students at Walnut Park Middle School.

Tuesday, March 20th: Ceci will be providing food and snacks for happy hour at the newly opened Cross Campus South Bay. If you’re a member, make sure to swing by and taste the delicious snacks!


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