#Tahinitogether Crowdfunding Campaign to Manufacture Sesamaise Tahini Dips

Your favorite tahini brand (aka Sesamaise Tahini) just launched a crowdfunding campaign February 21st. We need your help to reach our goal, so don’t forget to check out our page and campaign video below.

Crowdfunding campaigns have become the norm in 2018. After all, almost everyone’s glued to their phone, sharing information across the internet. So why not crowdfund for Sesamaise on the internet? There’s an opportunity to reach more individuals, in addition to our loyal customers, in addition to getting the support of friends and family.

So what exactly is a crowdfunding campaign?

It’s a method of raising capital through the help of customers, family, friends, and individual investors. Start-ups or even established large companies choose to go for the crowdfunding route because it accesses a wide pool of individuals. Crowdfunding campaigns, if done effectively, have the potential to draw enormous exposure through social media platforms.   

For you, the consumer, our crowdfunding campaign is rewards-based, meaning you can contribute in exchange for a Sesamaise reward. Depending on the size of the donation, you can receive an E-cookbook, monthly subscription of Sesamaise Tahini dips, merchandise (tote bag, t-shirt), snack bags, and/or tickets to a Tahini Workshop. For an exact page of rewards, click here.

The goal of our crowdfunding campaign is to raise capital and pre-orders, so we can have our products manufactured and distributed nationally. Most importantly, this will also allow us to bring more Israeli and Palestinian family businesses into our supply chain and incentivize them to work together. The amount manufacturer’s ask for is no small feat, so with this campaign we hope to collect enough funds to bring Sesamaise tahini dips, power bars, and fudge one step closer to hitting the shelves of national supermarkets.

You have the power to help our brand and mission grow, which can all be done at your convenience behind your computer. So don’t forget to contribute and follow us on social media @sesamaise and remember to use the tag #TahiniTogether!


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