What are Sesamaise Tahini Snacks?

  • Middle Eastern Snacks with a Modern Twist

    We put modern twists on traditional tahini snacks: Tahini Dips, Guilt-free Tahini Chocolate Fudge, Tahini Oat Power Bars, Grain-free Tahini Bread

  • Tastier and healthier than your Regular Snack

    The new snacks-on-the-block are tastier and more satisfying than your every day snack, and vegan and nutrient-dense to boot

  • Made from the Best Ingredients with Love

    Israeli & Palestinian Family Businesses make tahini in the most traditional way, and we mix them with only real, pronounceable ingredients

Real Food

Real Food

Good for your taste buds,

Good for your health,

Good for your busy schedule

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Real Change

Real Change

Connect the sources of your food,

Collaborate to improve health & wealth,

Change the way business is done.

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Get Your Sesamaise Tahini Fix:

Every Sunday, 8:30-1:30 pm at the Santa Monica Main Street Farmers Market 

For weekly events, follow us on Facebook and Instagram:)

LA-based? Shop now and pick it up at the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Main Street, Sundays 8:30-1:30!

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